Low Season Schedule

We are now offering a highly discounted dream vacation in our beautiful resort during this global pandemic from now until April 1, 2022!


 This is an ideal time in the Mentawai Islands due to the uncrowded surf conditions combined with the traditionally light winds and playful empty waves.

During this global pandemic timeframe, Kandui Villas will allow stays in any combination of a Tuesday, and Saturday transfer schedule, in alignment with the Mentawai Fast Ferry transfers between Padang and Siberut, or the Monday, Wednesday, Friday transfers between Padang and Tuapejat, utilizing an additional Speed Canoe charter between Siberut, or Tuapejat and our island, as this will allow guests a flexible schedule for their length of stay with us to fit their personal timeframes. This new flexible schedule allows for stays as short as 3 nights, 4 nights, 7 nights, 10 nights, or as long as you want to stay!

During your stay at Kandui Villas®, your home will be one of  12 luxury umas, all hand-built by Mentawai craftsman. Each uma offers all of the comforts, privacy, and serenity you could expect from a stay with us. All of our hardwood umas are hand carved with local animal and nature themes, have a large private tropical land-scaped yard with Japanese grass and private beach access, ocean views, with fans on each bed, mosquito nets,  in-room safes, hair dryers and bathroom amenities.

If your travel schedule does not allow you to travel on our set schedule, then off schedule visits of longer or shorter stays are possible. It is a long journey to reach Kandui Villas®, but once you are here it is absolute paradise, and stays less than 10 nights are hardly enough time to rest from your travel, explore our island paradise, and surf all the perfect waves, indulging in everything Kandui Villas® has to offer and becoming a part of the Kandui Villas® family, which is why our standard packages are traditionally a minimum of 10 days.

Kandui Villas offers full service travel agent and visa agent services to make your trip planning easier. We are happy to assist you in planning your complete itinerary from the time you leave home until you return home at the end of your trip, including assisting you to acquire a visa for travel to Indonesia, any hotel reservations you may need along the way as well as airline ticketing services, both international and domestic. Talk to us to start planning your trip!

Our new special global pandemic discounted nightly rates, currently valid for any trip ending before April 1, 2022:

$200 per night for 1 person


$360 per night for 2 people 


$450 per night for 3 people


$550 per night for 4 people


Nightly Kids Rates

Surfer Kids 13 to 16 - $120 US/night

Non Surfer Kids 13 to 16 - $80 US/night

Kids 7 to 12 - $50 US/night

Kids 6 and Under - free


Our new special global pandemic discounted monthly rates, currently valid for any trip ending before April 1, 2022:

Monthly rate for 1 person

$5,000 per month


Monthly rate for 2 people

$8,000 per month


Monthly rate for 3 people

 $10,000 per month 


Monthly rate for 4 people

$12,000 per month


Monthly Kids Rates

Surfer Kids 13 to 16 - $100 US/night

Non Surfer Kids 13 to 16 - $70 US/night

Kids 7 to 12 - $40 US/night

Kids 6 and Under - free


What is included: Luxury Uma accommodation, 3 meals a day, & unlimited boat access to the best waves on earth around our immediate island.  Monthly rate packages also include unlimited high speed (up to 100 Mbps speed) internet access.


What is not included: transportation, surf trips to neighboring islands (All Access Pass), internet access for people in daily rate packages, Visa, Mentawai Surfing tax (1,000,000 rp), and 21% Indonesian Government tax & service charge.


Kandui Island Packages include dinghy transfers to the 14+ waves surrounding our island paradise:

 1. Kandui Left

2. Kya’s

3. Kanna’s

4. Baby Kandui

5. Malibu Right (Sand Island)

6. A-Frames

7. Bikini Right

8. Bikini Left

9. 4Bobs

10. Inside 4Bobs reform

11. Razor Blades

12. Rifles

13. Pistols

14. A couple other secret spots that may be perfect during your stay!


All Access Pass:

Most of the time the best waves in our region can be found right around our immediate island but if the conditions are better on neighboring islands then we offer The All Access Pass which is for surf transfers by long boat to the other waves located on the neighboring islands. The All Access Pass rate is $150 US per hour of boat running time and this cost will be shared by all guests on the boat to make it more affordable for everyone. 


1. Hideaways

2. Nipussy

3. Bank Vaults         

4. Pit Stops

5. E-Bay

6. Beng Beng

7. Good Times

8. Burgerworld

9. McDonald’s

10. Dog Reef


Our island is a dream paradise setting with a number of the best waves in the world for surfers of all skill levels and ability, and is one of the most incredibly magical places in the entire world! For surfing on any of the 12 different waves around our island, we have our dinghy available to take you and your guest/s anywhere you would like to surf depending upon the current daily wind and swell conditions.


If there are less than 9 other adult surfing guests currently booked during the low season timeframe you have requested, then special conditions may apply.

We look forward to your visit! Masura Bagata!

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