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Burgerworld & McDonalds

Even farther to the northwest, the island of Karangniki is close to Siberut and is home to Burgerworld: As the name implies, Burger World is not the fastest or most powerful wave in the Mentawai Playgrounds inventory, but it’s one of the more consistent waves in the area, and a place surfers flock to on those rare occasions when there is no swell. When it is in the shoulder-high-to-a-couple-feet-over-head range, Burgerworld is a long rippable right hand point break with some tube sections, and has been compared to a section of small J-Bay by some of the top touring pros. Around the other side of Karangniki island is McDonalds, which is a mushier cousin of Burgerworld but in reverse.....please don't knock it until you try it! 😉 Karangniki Island is 35 minutes from Kandui Villas®️resort.

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