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Tsunami Preparedness

At Kandui Villas® surf resort, we take the safety and security of our guests very seriously, and that includes being prepared for any potential natural disasters such as tsunamis in the Mentawai Islands. Our staff is trained in emergency procedures and are equipped with the latest technology, including earthquake alert apps, to ensure that they are always aware of potential dangers.

In the event of a tsunami warning, we have a designated safe refuge located on top of a 30-meter high hill in the center of the island, providing guests with a secure and elevated location to shelter in. Our staff will always be on hand to guide and assist guests to this area in a timely and orderly manner.

You can rest easy knowing that your safety is our top priority at Kandui Villas®. We are committed to providing you with a worry-free and enjoyable vacation, and our tsunami preparedness measures are just one of the ways we ensure this.

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