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Surf School

Welcome to our Surf School at Kandui Villas! If you're looking for a surf holiday destination where you can learn to surf, there's no better place in the world than here. Our luxury resort is located directly in front of some of the best surf spots for beginners in the Mentawai Islands, including Kya's, Kanna's, Kandui Left, and Baby Kandui. Kanna's, and Kya's, and inside 4bobs are always small enough for beginners, even when the swell is big at other spots.  We also have Bikinis, Malibu Right, and Aframes, all of which are just a 5-minute boat ride away and are perfect for beginner surfers as well.


We have 15 soft top surfboards available for beginners, and our surf instructor is available to assist in coaching guests in all aspects from beginning fundamentals up to experienced techniques and maneuvers. A 2-hour surf lesson is our standard service, as one hour is too short a length of time to go over all of the instruction and information that is covered on land before going in the water, and then including the time actually in the surf riding waves. The first 30-45 minutes of beach instruction is followed up by 1.25-1.5 hours of time in the surf. This setup allows our guests to maximize their time applying all of the skills they just learned on the beach immediately during their time in the water.


Please note that the conditions required for the surf lessons are somewhat specific, as we need the high tide and the right size surf, so they will only be available when conditions are right. A Surf Instructor providing lessons would be an additional charge of $250 per person per 2 Hour Surf Lesson, including the surfboard rental for the duration of the lesson. Book your surf holiday with us today and experience the beauty of Kandui Villas while learning to surf in the best conditions.

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