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Organic Green House

Experience the freshest farm-to-table cuisine at Kandui Villas®. Our fully organic greenhouse, located just to the rear and side of the restaurant, produces all the delicious organic salads served in our restaurant and supplies many of the kitchen's vegetable needs.

Over a decade ago, we started an organic fruit orchard on the hill in the center of our island, featuring over 25 varieties of tropical fruit trees including lychee, several varieties of mango, rambutan, atamoia, cheramoia, soursop, 10 varieties of banana, durian, breadfruit, mountain apple, star fruit, avocados, oranges, tangerines, jabong, limes, longan, guavas, jack fruit, jungle jack fruit, mangosteen, v-apples, macadamia nuts, sous, cacao, coconuts, and more!

We also raise 200 free-range organic chickens for eggs, and have constructed a massive fish pond with over 1,000 talapia in it. The Talapia are fed with organic vegetable and kitchen scraps, and the water from the fish pond feeds all of the fruit trees through drip irrigation.

By growing our own produce, we are able to provide our guests with the freshest and most nutritious food possible in all of the Mentawai Islands, ensuring that they have a truly one-of-a-kind luxury resort dining experience. So come and indulge in farm-to-table cuisine at Kandui Villas® and taste the difference that fresh, organic produce makes. Book your stay now and get ready to experience the ultimate vacation experience with healthy and delicious food.

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