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The Umas

Experience the ultimate blend of luxury and sustainability at Kandui Villas®. Our resort boasts nine eco-friendly luxury umas and one triple uma, offering a total of 12 unique and spacious accommodations for guests to choose from. Each uma is hand-carved with a different Mentawai animal or jungle theme and crafted with sustainably sourced local hardwoods, providing a true immersion in the local culture and a luxurious retreat.

Swimming Pool

Take a dip in luxury at Kandui Villas®'s state-of-the-art swimming pool. As one of only two resorts in the Mentawai Islands to have a swimming pool, we've spared no expense to bring you a truly exceptional swimming experience. Our pool, designed and built by the best pool builders in South East Asia, is 25 meters in length x 18 meters in width, with wrap-around benches along the entire interior. The infinity edge overflows into a large kiddie pool with a large stone deck encircling it, making it perfect for families with little ones.


The Restaurant

Indulge in farm-to-table cuisine at Kandui Villas®'s restaurant. Our 14 x 12 meter, two-story restaurant, located next to the swimming pool, offers a menu that is tailored to the needs of surfers, providing delicious and nutritious food to fuel them while they catch perfect waves under the tropical sun.

At Kandui Villas®, we pride ourselves on using only the freshest and most organic ingredients. 


Game Room

Get ready for endless hours of fun at Kandui Villas®'s game room! Our game room, located right off the swimming pool deck and next to the bar, is the perfect place to hang out and have some fun with friends and family. It's fully equipped with both a billiard table and a ping pong table, providing endless entertainment options for guests of all ages.


The Bar 

Unwind in style at Kandui Villas®'s bar. Our massive indoor-outdoor bar, located right off the swimming pool deck and next to the game room, is the perfect spot to enjoy a cold drink while taking in the stunning views of Kandui waves.


Gym & Yoga Uma

Stay fit and healthy while on vacation at Kandui Villas®. We've built an air-conditioned gym and exercise room with state-of-the-art workout equipment for our guests to use during their stay. Whether you're looking to balance out your surfing exercise with toning of other muscle groups or simply want to continue your specific workout routine, our gym has everything you need to stay in shape.


Rental Quiver 

The Kandui Villas® Rental Quiver consists of 15 high performance resin 8 surf boards, 3 Fire Wires, several PU boards of various sizes and lengths, 2 long boards, 9 SUP’s, and 2 kayaks.


Organic Green House

Experience the freshest farm-to-table cuisine at Kandui Villas®. Our fully organic greenhouse, located just to the rear and side of the restaurant, produces all the delicious organic salads served in our restaurant and supplies many of the kitchen's vegetable needs.

Over a decade ago, we started an organic fruit orchard on the hill in the center of our island, featuring over 25 varieties of tropical fruit trees including lychee, several varieties of mango, rambutan, atamoia, cheramoia, soursop, 10 varieties of banana, durian, breadfruit, mountain apple, star fruit, avocados, 


Boat & Access

Get ready for an adventure of a lifetime with Kandui Villas®'s boats and access to world-class waves. Our resort is located directly in front of the legendary Kandui Left and Baby Kandui, and there are dozens of other spots within 5-30 minutes by fast boat in all directions.

We have a solid inventory of boats for accessing the waves, including two, five-meter plastic dinghies, one 4.5 meter fiberglass dinghy, one 5.2 meter Kahajaya center-console speed boat, and three 45-50 foot longboats for accessing spots outside of Playgrounds such as Hideaways, Nipussi, Burgerworld, and E-Bay.

Our fleet of surf boats is 


Photography Service

Capture the memories of your dream surf vacation with Kandui Villas' professional photography and video services. Our team of three expert photographers are available to hire, capturing stunning high-resolution photos of your surfing experiences from land, water, boat, and sky, as well as the memorable moments of your stay at Kandui Villas.

Take home a personalized HD video that documents 

Massage & Spa

Indulge in a luxurious spa experience at Kandui Villas® and rejuvenate your body and mind. Our spa offers traditional Indonesian therapeutic massage to relax and soothe away sore muscles from travel, surf, and everyday stress.


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