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Welcome! This guide aims to illuminate your path from the moment your plane wheels touch the tarmac at Padang Airport, leading you to the tranquil haven that is Kandui Villas® luxury resort, and eventually back home again. Along the way, you'll find the locals of Padang and Mentawai, as well as our devoted ground staff, brimming with a warmth and friendliness that will make you feel as cherished and welcomed as anywhere else on the globe. We can't wait to be part of your journey!

Padang- Kandui Villas



As your flight lands, you are guided towards Immigration. Once you've cleared immigration, proceed to the baggage claim/customs area.



For most nationalities traveling to Indonesia, a visa on arrival is now available, priced at 500,000 rp.



Upon your exit from the customs area, a representative from Kandui Villas® will greet you. Your next step is to make your way outdoors to the waiting, air-conditioned vehicles.



After stepping outside and taking in the bustling atmosphere of Padang International Airport, you'll be transported by car to your hotel for a restful overnight stay. The next morning, you'll embark on a privately chartered speedboat or the Mentawai Fast ferry from Padang to Kandui Villas®. Before leaving the airport vicinity, please perform a quick check to ensure all of your luggage has been loaded onto the designated transport vehicles. If you feel a hunger pang or need any additional supplies from the town, our staff will gladly assist and direct you.



After a tranquil night at the hotel, an early 5 am wake-up call will precede your departure the next morning. You will then board a car for a short 10-minute ride to the port where the privately chartered speedboat or Mentawai Fast ferry awaits to whisk you away to Kandui Villas®. The speedboat journey typically takes around 3 hours from Padang harbor to Kandui Villas®, while the Mentawai Fast ferry takes about 3.5 hours, either directly to Kandui Villas® for those following our set 10 day/11 day schedule, or off schedule to Siberut Island or Sipora Islands. There, you'll transfer to a speed canoe for the final 1.5-hour stretch to reach Kandui Villas®.



Upon your arrival at Kandui Villas®, you'll be welcomed with a refreshing drink, a meal if you're hungry, and a tour of your Uma. You'll also receive an orientation about important details for your stay at Kandui Villas®. Some eager guests might wish to forgo these formalities, seize their preferred board, and head straight for the surf, take a plunge in the swimming pool, or indulge in a tension-relieving massage. From this point forward, your time is entirely yours, and our expertly trained staff stands ready to ensure that your experience is the most remarkable vacation of your life.



On the final day of your journey, make certain you've packed all your belongings and essentials for home, including the form provided by Indonesian Immigration upon your arrival - a crucial document for your departure. Bid farewell to your favorite Kandui Villas® staff members and essentially reverse steps 1-7 as described above. Kindly note that any bar tabs or other extras enjoyed during your Kandui Villas® stay will be settled upon your return to Padang, not on the island.

Thank you for choosing Kandui Villas®. We eagerly look forward to welcoming you back!

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