The UMAs

Kandui Villas® consists of nine eco-friendly luxury umas, and one triple uma – which is three regular-sized umas connected together, for a total of 12 Umas. Each uma is quite large at 7.5 meter wide x 10.5 meters long, has two king-sized beds downstairs, and one king sized – or two single sized beds – in a spacious, second-story loft.


The umas are hand carved throughout with a different Mentawai animal, or jungle theme, and all the furniture is made of sustainably sourced local hardwoods. Our eco-friendly umas are solar powered, including solar powered fans, solar powered lights, solar powered USB charging stations, a 500 watt inverter for charging other devices such as laptops, etc, as well as a solar powered water pump for showering needs. Optionally, and for an additional fee, each Uma may also include two air-conditioning units, as well as a hot water heater for hot showers, and a mini-refrigerator unit, so that guests may adjust their personal comfort level.

The names of the Kandui Villas umas are: 1. Biowak (monitor lizard). 2. Monyet (monkey). 3. Ikan (fish) 4. Kura (turtle). 5. Burung (bird). 6-8. The triple uma is called ‘Sikerei’ (shaman). 9. Buaya (crocodile). 10. Lumba (dolphin) 11. Utan (jungle). 12. Koat (Wave).

The back one-third of each uma is built on a massive cistern which holds close to 10,000 gallons of rain water. The bathroom and shower facilities are clean and comfortable, with sandstone floors.


Each of the 12 umas are configured, with 3 king sized beds, or 2 king sized, and 2 double beds, making them very versatile with room for 1-4+ people, making them perfect for singles, couples, groups of friends, or families.

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