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Rental Quiver

The Kandui Villas® Rental Quiver consists of 15 high performance resin 8 surf boards, 3 Fire Wires, several PU boards of various sizes and lengths, 2 long boards, 9 SUP’s, and 2 kayaks.

The Resin 8 boards are duplicates of master shapes by Wade Tokoro, and Sam Eagan with sizes 5’11” 6’0″, 6’1″, 6’4″, 6’5″, 6’6″, 6’7″ 6’8″, 6’11”, up to 7’2″. Resin 8 surf boards are arguably the best epoxy surf boards ever made, are high performance, and durable, so they are the perfect boards for nearly everyone. If the Resin 8’s don’t suite your needs then we have the firewires and various PU boards to choose from including shapes by Al Merrick, and other top shapers.

The SUP’s are 10′, 10’2″, 11’6″, and 3 x 12 foot cruiser boards perfectly suited for paddling around the waters of our tropical paradise.

The surfboards and longboards may be rented.

The SUP’s, and Kayaks may be used free of charge. This rental quiver is a great bonus to the Kandui Villas® experience, because it enables guests to travel lightly, and have a 50+ board quiver at their finger tips for their entire stay at Kandui Villas for an affordable price, less than the price of buying a single new surf board.

If you are interested to reserve a specific board for your next Kandui Villas® vacation, please enquire with Aii,

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