Swimming Pool

Kandui Villas® is one of only two resort in the Mentawai Islands to construct, and have a swimming pool. Not only did we build a swimming pool but we hired the best pool builders in South East Asia, to come in to our resort site, to design, and build a masterpiece of a swimming pool, specifically for our location. This pool is 25 meters in length x 18 meters in width, with wrap around benches along the entire interior of the pool. The infinity edge over flows into a large kiddie pool with a large stone deck encircling it.

The swimming pool utilizes a state of the art salt water chlorinator unit, which, through a process of electrolysis, reacts with the slight salinity in the pool water to form chlorine. The form of chlorine it produces is very mild, and does not affect skin, or eyes as an irritant. This mild form of chlorine, coupled with a salinity level similar to that of human tears, makes the water completely neutral feeling for you eyes, and skin, but still very refreshing, unlike the salty feeling you get when you get done swimming in the ocean. The main pool is surrounded by a massive out door wooden deck, which connects to the Restaurant, Game Room, Bar, and Palapa.

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