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2024 Schedule & Rates

Experience the Mecca of surfing at Kandui Villas®, the world's foremost surfing destination. Delight in unparalleled luxury within our 12 exquisitely designed umas, each a creation of local Mentawai artisans. Crafted with local animal and nature motifs from sustainably sourced hardwoods, each uma offers a secluded tropical yard, private beach access, sweeping ocean views, and amenities such as fans, mosquito nets, in-room safes, hair dryers, and high-end bathroom essentials.


At Kandui Villas®, not only is the setting spectacular, but the cuisine is equally remarkable. Relish our renowned healthy, organic farm-to-table meals, cultivated from our own farm and masterfully prepared by our chefs. Freshly cooked and served in our onsite restaurant, every meal becomes an unforgettable gastronomic journey.


While reaching Kandui Villas® is an adventure, what awaits is a paradise unmatched anywhere. With impeccable waves suitable for all surfers, stunning vistas, and a myriad of activities, it's clear why our packages usually span at least 10 days.


Elevate your trip with our all-inclusive travel and visa services. Be it hotel bookings, flight coordination, or obtaining your Indonesian visa, our dedicated team ensures a hassle-free experience. Embark on your lavish surfing and dining expedition by reaching out at the bottom of this page. Dive deep into the Kandui Villas® experience.​

 2024 Schedule & Availability


Apr 6 - Apr 16 (Available)


Apr 16 - Apr 27 (Available)


Apr 27 - May 7 (Available)


May 7 - May 18 (Available)


May 18 - May 28 (Available)


May 28 - Jun 8 (Available)


Jun 8 - Jun 18 (Available)


Jun 18 - Jun 29 (Available)


Jun 29 - Jul 9 (Available)


Jul 9 - Jul 20 (Available)


Jul 20 - Jul 30 (Available)


Jul 30 - Aug 10 (Available)


Aug 10 - Aug 20 (Available)


Aug 20 - Aug 31 (Available)


Aug 31 - Sep 10 (Available)


Sep 10 - Sep 21 (Available)


Sep 21 - Oct 1 (Available)


Oct 1 - Oct 12 (Available)


Oct 12 - Oct 22 (Available)


Oct 22 - Nov 2 (Available)


Nov 2 - Nov 12 (Available)


Nov 12 - Nov 23 (Available)


Nov 23 - Dec 3 (Available)


Dec 3 - Dec 14 (Available)


Dec 14 - Dec 24 (Available)


Dec 24 - Jan 4, 2025 (Available)


 2024 All-Inclusive Package Rates


Kandui Island Surfer Package

10 nights - $5,000 US

11 nights - $5,500 US

Extra nights - $500 US/per night

All surfing to all nearby islands is  included in the 2024 Island Surfer Package.

Kandui Island Couple Package (exclusive use of Uma)

10 nights - $8,010 USD

11 nights - $8,809 USD

Extra nights - $801 US/night

All surfing to all nearby islands is  included in the 2024 Island Couple Package.

Non Surfer

10 nights - $4,000 US

11 nights - $4,400 US

Extra nights - $400 US/night


Kandui Island Family Stay Package (2 adults / 2 surfer kids 12-16yo)

10 nights - $12,000 US

11 nights - $13,200 US

Extra nights - $1,200 US/night

 All surfing to all nearby islands is  included in the 2024 Island Couple Package.

Kids Rates

Surfer Kids 12 to 16 - $269 US/night

Non Surfer Kids 12 to 16 - $200 US/night

Kids 7 to 11 - $145 US/night

Kids 6 and Under - FREE


All rates are exclusive of 11% government tax & 10% service charge.


A Surf Instructor is available to assist in coaching guests in all aspects from beginning fundamentals up to experienced techniques and maneuvers. A Surf Instructor providing lessons would be an additional $250 charge  per person per 2 Hour Surf Lesson, including the surfboard rental for the duration of the lesson. 

A 60 minutes Yoga session with an instructor will be an extra charge. (when available)


What is included: Luxury Uma accommodation, 3 meals a day, coffee, tea, fruits and snacks in the restaurant 24-7, unlimited high speed WiFi internet access (up to 150 Mbps down/100 Mbps up), unlimited boat access to the best waves on earth around our immediate island and the nearby surrounding islands, soft drinks, juice and snacks while aboard the surf boats, round trip Airport-Hotel-Ferry Port-Hotel-Airport transportation, 1,000,000 rp per person Mentawai Government surfer tax.


What is not included:  Flight tickets, Hotels, Padang-Kandui Villas-Padang transportation, Beer, Spirits, Cocktails, Soft Drinks, and Smoothies from the Kandui Villas bar, Massage, and any items from the Kandui Villas Gift Shop.

 Kandui Island surf breaks:

 1. Kandui Left

2. Kya’s

3. Kanna’s

4. Baby Kandui

5. Malibu Right (Sand Island)

6. A-Frames

7. Bikini Right

8. Bikini Left

9. 4Bobs

10. Inside 4Bobs reform

11. Razor Blades

12. Rifles

13. Pistols

14. A couple other secret spots that may be perfect during your stay!


Off Island surf breaks:

15. Hideaways

16. Nipussy

17. Clit

18. Bank Vaults         

19. Pit Stops

20. Frog Scrappers

21. E-Bay

22. Beng Beng

23. Good Times

24. Burgerworld

25. McDonald’s

26. Dog Reef

27. Shadow Right

28. Shadow Left

29. Promises

30. Desperations

​Our island is a dream paradise setting with a number of the best waves in the world for surfers of all skill levels and ability, and is one of the most incredibly magical places in the entire world! For surfing on any of the 12+ different waves around our island, we have our long boats and dinghies available to take you and your guest/s anywhere you would like to surf depending upon the current daily wind and swell conditions.

We look forward to your visit! Masura Bagata!

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