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Introducing Kandui Villas®, the world’s premier luxury surf resort! Located in one of the world’s prime wave locations, the surfing mecca known as the Playgrounds area of the Mentawai Islands in Indonesia, Kandui Villas’ proximity to multiple world class waves makes it THE dream surfing destination. Kandui Villas® offers the best location in the world for all levels of surfers to score the best waves of their lives!

The founder and originator of Kandui Resort, taking requests from some of his guests for a higher standard of luxury during their stay, where their wives and families could live like royalty, was inspired to begin work on a new venture that would cater to those looking for a luxury option while surfing some of the best waves in the world, and Kandui Villas® was born. Located on the beach directly in front of his favorite wave at Kandui Left, facing the incredibly stunning sunsets that will grace every day of your stay, this upscale establishment is the culmination of years of hard work and the manifestation of dreams, as it aims to provide the red carpet treatment for individuals that choose to live life to the fullest.

Kandui Villas® has taken the Mentawai experience to a whole new level as it provides its guests with the extravagance of a high quality resort despite being located in this remote surfing haven. The amenities are outstanding, including the only infinity pool in Western Sumatra, and spacious luxury Umas (traditional Mentawai buildings) for accommodations made from sustainably sourced and fine finished local hardwoods, each uniquely themed with carvings designed to highlight traditional art, culture, and the local environment. Decadent gourmet meals are prepared fresh daily by Kandui Villas® Personal Chef, with made-to-order breakfasts served every morning. Surf Guides are all CPR/First Aid Certified and are ready to transport and accompany guests into any of the 20+ waves within a 30 minutespeedboat ride from the Villas. Featuring what some of the best surfers in the world claim to be some of the best waves in the world, the surf here is bound to provide memories that will last a lifetime. Photography and video services are available as well in order to document some of the best surf of your life. Every facet of a dream surf trip have been taken into account in order to provide the ultimate luxury Mentawai experience for guests of the Kandui Villas®.

We are excited to provide this luxury resort option available for your next surfing vacation, as Kandui Villas® hopes to make your dream surfing getaway become a reality in the very near future. With so many phenomenal setups creating waves suited for surfers of all skill levels, and extravagant amenities lavishing guests in an environment of opulence, everyone is invited to come and savor the magnificent abundance available at Kandui Villas®!

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