Special Conditions – October to March Timeframe & year round until the end of the Pandemic

We are now offering a dream vacation in our beautiful resort during the months of October – March, which are an ideal time in the Mentawai due to the traditionally light winds and playful empty waves.

During the timeframe you have requested, Kandui Villas will utilize the combination transfer of the Mentawai Fast Ferry and Long Boat for transfers to and from our island location. The fast ferry departs from Padang at 7 am on Tuesday, and Saturday morning and arrives in Siberut with the return trip departing at 3 pm in the afternoon to return to Padang. This schedule will require an overnight stay in Padang on both the arrival and departure legs of this trip, unless an economy airline flight is desired then it is possible to depart Padang in the late evening. The costs for us to charter a Long Boat to transport guests to and from the ferry arrival/departure location in Siberut will be based upon the size and build of the boat desired by the guests, along with the round trip fast ferry and ground transfer charges of $150 USD per person.


Long Boat Options:

Medium size long boat with double 40 hp engines (up to 6 surfing pax with baggage) is $260 each way, $520USD return.

Large size long boat with triple 40hp engines (up to 8 surfing pax with baggage) is $360 each way, $720 USD return.

Large double 250 hp engines Romi Boat (up to 14 surfing pax with baggage) is $810 each way, $1,620 USD return.



There will also be the additional cost of one-way surfboard bag fees to be paid by guests themselves at the Mentawai Fast ferry departure location based upon the categories below, with excess baggage over 20 kg/person at Rp. 6,000/kg per trip.


Surfboard Charge Categories on Mentawai Fast Ferry:

Body Board Bag 1 – 12 kg – Rp. 180,000 / bag
Body Board Bag 13 – 25 kg – Rp. 360,000 / bag
Small Boardbag 1 – 15 kg – Rp. 230,000 / bag
Medium Boardbag 16 – 25 kg – Rp. 460,000 / bag
Large Boardbag Over 26 kg – Rp. 690,000 / bag


If you prefer to charter a private speed boat for your Padang-Kandui Villas-Padang transportation then please inquire about availability, different options and rates. A private speed boat is faster and enables you to customize your arrival and departure times as well as to avoid needing to stay an extra night in Padang before and after your stay at Kandui Villas, which can potentially save you 2 extra days of waiting around in Padang.


For surfing on any of the 12+ different waves around our island, we have our dinghies available to take you and your guest/s anywhere you would like to surf depending upon the current daily wind and swell conditions. Our island is a dream paradise setting with a number of the best waves in the world for surfers of all skill levels and ability, and is one of the most incredibly magical places in the entire world in regards to the surf variety and options. With this ideal location, more often than not, the best waves can be found right around our island here, as all dinghy boat rides to any of the spots on our island is already included in the package. Most of our guests enjoy the best trips of their lives just surfing the waves on our island here, as we are blessed with such an ideal location with so many world-class breaks. In the instance that the conditions are not favorable to surf any of the waves around our immediate island then an All Access Pass to go surf the breaks on the nearby surrounding islands is $125 US per hour of boat running time and this cost will be evenly shared and spilt by how ever may guests are on the boat. The $125 per hour is only charged while the boat is motoring from spot to spot and there is no charge when the boat is on anchor during surf time.


During  October – March and year round throughout the entire Global Pandemic time frame we have gone Green by converting the Kandui Villas Umas to run on mini solar power systems, and the rest of resort will be running on our small generator. This would involve utilizing the solar powered battery operated fans, lights, charging stations, inverter, and water pump in your Uma, which are more than adequate to keep you nice, cool and comfortable throughout the days and nights in your Uma. We greatly appreciate your support and cooperation in helping us to protect the environment with our new Green power grid system, however if you desire to have hot water showers and Air-conditioning then you may request that and we will turn on our traditional Diesel powered power grid, and there will be an extra $150 charge per uma per night. There will still be a full staff to accommodate you during your time here, with the infinity pool, game room, exercise room, and yoga building all available for use, as well as your three gourmet meals per day, and unlimited surf transfers to all of the amazing waves surrounding our island here.