The best advice we can offer regarding packing your bags for a Kandui Villas® trip is to pack as lightly as possible. The following list is divided into two categories: In the Water and Out of the Water. It was created to give you ideas and help you keep track of items you may or may not need to bring on your next Kandui Villas® adventure.

In the Surf

big wave leash (1)
mid sized leash (3)
leash ropes (6)
board shorts (3)
fin keys (2) best to use future fin keys, because they are stronger
fin sets (2) for each surf board
snug fitting T-shirt for sun protection (2). T-shirts work better than rash guards because they retain water, which keeps you cool, and they also give less rash than a ‘rash guard’
reef booties are recommended for several of the surf spots. When choosing your reef booties, it is best to select a pair that is snug fitting, or they will inhibit your surfing
snorkeling gear (optional. rental gear will be available at Kandui Villas®)
surfboards (2). We will also have a wide range of rental surf boards available if you do not want to lug your boards around the world.
surf hat (optional)
surf board wax (5) The kind of wax that works best in Mentawai is Mr. Zoggs Quick Humps 6x tropical or base coat. Since the ocean is so hot here, Tropical Wax gets too soft, and slippery
wax comb
What surf boards should I bring?

Mid sized boards are what gets used most, but best to bring whatever you are used to riding.

Don’t be surprised if you ding up your surf boards and maybe even break a few of them on your vacation. Last, but not least, a ding repair kit, or some sun cure resin for quick fixes is a must.

Out of the Surf

airline tickets
airline tickets (copy)
binoculars (optional)
cash (crisp, new bills)
comb or brush (optional)
credit cards
ding repair kit / sun cure resin
driver’s license
driver’s license (copy)
220 volt-110 volt electricity adapter (optional)
long sleeve t-shirt
malaria medication (optional)
moisturizer (optional)
mosquito repellent (optional)
surf board coffin travel bag
nail clippers (optional)
pain medicine (optional)
light weight pants (2)
passport (copy)
prescription medicine (optional)
sealable ziploc bags for cameras, etc on the surfing excursions
shaving cream
shaving kit
walking shorts (2)
silica gel (for inside ziploc bags)
socks (3)
t-shirts (4-5)
travel backpack
visa (if necessary)
visa (copy)
waterproof jacket (optional)

The most important thing to remember on this list is to make sure that you have an updated passport and a valid VISA for entering Indonesia, and you will not be permitted to enter Indonesia if your passport is going to expire within six months from the time of your departure. Most people can take care of their VISA upon entering Indonesia including citizens of the United States and Australia but before you purchase your airline tickets please check with your local authorities to make sure you’re covered. If you have additional questions related to packing or traveling throughout the Mentawai Islands, then please visit the other links on the “Travel Info ” section of our website. If you have any other questions about packing, or any other aspect of your journey, then we are always happy to help answer your questions via e-mail, or directly in the United States at 1 (805) 222-4150, or via skype: aii_jordan.


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