We are now offering a dream vacation in our beautiful resort within the months of October – March, which is an ideal time in the Mentawai Islands due to the traditionally light winds and playful empty waves.

During this October – March timeframe, Kandui Villas will allow stays in any combination of a Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday transfer schedule, in alignment with the new Mentawai Fast Ferry transfers between Padang and Siberut, utilizing an additional Speed Canoe charter between Siberut and our island, as this will allow guests a flexible schedule for their length of stay with us to fit their personal timeframes. This new flexible schedule allows for stays as short as 3 nights, 4 nights, 7 nights, 10 nights, or as long as you want to stay!

Our island is a dream paradise setting with a number of the best waves in the world for surfers of all skill levels and ability, and is one of the most incredibly magical places in the entire world! For surfing on any of the 12 different waves around our island, we have our dinghy available to take you and your guest/s anywhere you would like to surf depending upon the current daily wind and swell conditions.

If there are less than 9 other adult surfing guests currently booked during the low season timeframe you have requested, then special conditions may apply.

We look forward to your visit! Masura Bagata!


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