During the 2020 high season time frame Kandui Villas will be offering direct round trip transportation to Kandui Villas via our 53′ high speed luxury Marathon transporter speed boat which can make the 84 nautical mile crossing in just under 3 hours. This schedule maximizes your time on the island as well as in the surf, and minimizes the time you have to spend in Padang, so that only 1 overnight stay upon arrival to Padang is required, but no overnight in Padang is required at the end of your trip on your way home. If none of the below scheduled trip dates fit your travel schedule and needs then please inquire with us about other options, and we are happy to accommodate you for a longer or shorter stay!

2020 high season schedule

128 March7 April10 Nights
27 April18 April 11 Nights
318 April 28 April10 Nights
428 April9 May11 Nights
59 May19 May10 Nights
619 May30 May11 Nights
730 May9 June 10 Nights
89 June 20 June11 Nights
920 June30 June10 Nights
1030 June11 July11 Nights
1111 July21 July 10 Nights
1221 July 1 August 11 Nights
131 August 11 August10 Nights
1411 August22 August11 Nights
1522 August1 September 10 Nights
161 September 12 September 11 Nights
1712 September 22 September 10 Nights
18 22 September 3 October11 Nights


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