Kandui Villas® is an upscale, Eco-Friendly Resort, located in the surfing mecca known as Playgrounds, in the Mentawai Islands.

Part of the inspiration of Kandui Villas® was to provide a place where a surf traveler could feel comfortable and confident enough to bring their significant other and families.

Kandui Villas® is a partnership of Americans and Indonesians with many decades of experience in surf resorts and exploration. They have taken all that has come before, accepted what works, and rejected what doesn’t, to create the worlds premier luxury surf resort.

Kandui Villas® has opened many employment opportunities to the local Mentawai people. From day one the owners have provided hundreds of jobs, injecting several hundreds of thousands of dollars into the Mentawai economy. With the support of surfers and travelers from around the world Kandui Villas® has now starting a community help project in partnership with Waves4Water, in order to purchase, and distribute clean drinking water filters to remote village across the Mentawai Island chain, and will continue this win-win situation.


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