Tsunami Preparedness

Kandui Villas® are all too aware of the tsunami threat and they are taking precautions for the safety of their guests, and their own families.   The German-Indonesian Tsunami early warning system team has a website, which gives us a map showing the epicenter, the magnitude of the quake, as well as the depth of the quake, within two minutes from the time of the event.

If guests feel a large quake, or are alerted to earth movement beyond the horizon, Kandui Villas® has built a safe refuge at the top of a 30 meter high hill: “There is no such thing as being overly-prepared for a possible tsunami,” Jordan Heuer said. “I take this very seriously not only because I want my guests and workers to be safe, but also because I live out here with my wife, my six-year old daughter Kanna, and 1.5-year old daughter, Kya.”

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